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Card Fulfilment & Mailing Services

Let us take the stress of your plastic card mailing off your hands!

Plastic card fulfilment and mailing service to your customers

Why use our plastic card fulfilment & mailing service?

The prospect of personalising or programming hundreds or even thousands of membership cards or having to stuff thousands of envelopes with promotional gift cards can strike terror into the heart of many organisations. Our card fulfilment and mailing services are just the solution.

Time, budget and space are just three considerations that make handling your own fulfilment an organisational nightmare. We take the stress of your plastic card mailing ‘off your hands’.

What our fulfilment service includes

We offer a bespoke service customised to your needs. We can post your membership or loyalty cards directly to your customers, ready to use and personalised with their details. Not only do we produce the plastic cards (with your branding printed on to the core of the card) but we can also print and personalise your letters, attach the card and mail them directly to your customer in super-quick time.

machine for card fulfilment


Your cards can be attached to a carrier or inserted into a brochure – we can even include other promotional materials such as leaflets or offers, supplied by you or designed and printed for you by Company Cards.

We can collate your cards into sets in a specific order, bag your cards, attach cards to mailers, create bespoke packaging or boxes to be mailed to your customers, attach labels and a whole host of other custom tasks to meet your needs. We have seen all types of fulfilment jobs over the years and love a challenge.

Types of plastic cards that are suitable for fulfilment

The vast majority of the cards we produce are suitable for for fulfilment and mailing. These include ID Cards, loyalty cards, staff cards, gift cards, event passes and more.

Our Fulfilment Equipment

We have invested heavily in fulfilment equipment and can offer a complete service including mailing. Some of our recent equipment additions and technological advances include:

taping machine

Large scale fulfilment, or fast short-run jobs

While our automated equipment enables us to regularly handle large fulfilment jobs, we are also able to accommodate smaller time-sensitive jobs with a fast turnaround.

Additional Hand Fulfilment Service

We also offer a range of intricate hand fulfilment options such as attaching split rings and attaching self seal flaps. If the service you require isn’t listed here, please get in touch as we can probably help.

fulfilment service - key-fobs


Example of card mailer:

loyalty card production & fulfilment for a large supermarket chain

We work with one of the UK’s leading supermarkets to produce their employee discount cards. Cards are manufactured as required with personalised details for each customer. They are then attached to a customised letter (which is also printed in-house). A further promotional leaflet is also printed and collated with the employee pack. Everything is then folded and packed into envelopes and dispatched to individual employees, ready for them to save money on their shopping. The whole process is done quickly and efficiently, ‘as required’ (with no need for batching runs together). You may also be interested in our card bureau service.

Design service

We also offer a full design service (should you require striking ‘on brand’ messaging across your cards, letters and inserts and packaging).

Get in touch

Find out more about our fulfilment services now – contact one of our team on 01744 815475 or email sales@companycards.co.uk


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