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Company Cards Reduces Its Environmental Impact


Company Cards Reduces Its Environmental Impact

Over the past last twelve months, Company Cards has changed the way it operates to ensure it contributes to a greener planet. Introducing new procedures to reduce waste from the production facility and the offices, as well as implementing additional recycling initiatives, have all helped to reduce the environmental impact of the business.

The most important initiative has been the reduction in waste from the plastic card manufacturing plant. This has been the result of increased quality procedures throughout production, and defined limits to the number of additional cards printed per batch.

Further reduction in the number of additional plastic sheets printed per card order has been achieved by exchanging the calibration and cleaning sheets, which are required during the digital printing process, to a paper product.

Not only have the volumes of plastic waste reduced, the volume of waste that can be recycled has increased. Company Cards has impressively managed to reduce their volume of landfill collection by one third in a short space of time.

The PVC waste and paper waste is collected weekly to then be recycled in a number of different ways, and all employees are committed to disposing of their waste responsibly. Simple steps, such as increased number of recycling bins and boosting environmental awareness within all departments of the business, have resulted in a collective effort to reduce environmental impact.

In the offices, there have been a number of incentives introduced to reduce the amount of paper printed. With minimal effort, printing double sided and reducing the amount of unnecessary printing has quickly seen a reduction in paper waste.

Company Cards has even provided the staff with new mugs and water glasses, which has been effective in the reduction of plastic bottles and coffee cartons.

Last but not least, the most talked about initiative is the Eco Card product, which has less of an impact on the environment compared to a standard PVC card. With a biodegradable core material, this environmentally friendly plastic card will breakdown at a much faster rate than a regular card. For more information on this product, please contact a member of the team.

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