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Go behind the scenes with a member of staff – Lauren’s Q&A

In this month’s newsletter we go behind the scene with one of our members of staff.

This month meet Lauren.

Job Title: Marketing Executive

At Company Cards since: September 2014

What I love about my job is: The people I work with, there is always a good atmosphere. Also the drive everyone has to see the company progress.

My typical day consists of: Processing ‘The Plastic Card Factory’ orders, working on the latest promotional work, keeping our customers up to date with company news and running our four websites on an ad-hoc basis.

When I get to work the first thing I do is: Process TPCF orders and prioritise my daily to do list.

The key items on my desk are: Index cards, stapler and highlighter.

If I won the lottery I would: Open an active adventure centre in the countryside, maybe take a little trip somewhere exotic too!

I won’t leave the house without: My mobile and my lip balm, as I can’t stand having chapped lips.

What makes a good film for me is: A sarcastic villain, somebody you love to hate!

I can’t live without: My family, they always know how to make me laugh.

My favourite season is: Autumn, I love getting my woolly jumpers back out and it’s so picturesque.

Guilty pleasure: Eating a family sized packet of kettle crisps in front of the TV.

My favourite food is: Chilli Con Carne, although if there is Tiramisu on the menu ecstatic!

My favourite drink is: A cold Crabbies Ginger Beer in the sun

A funny fact about myself: I once went to a fancy dress party with my twin sister as a pair of gas bottles, she was propane and I was butane. We’ve always been the same but different ha ha!

Here is some photographic evidence.


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